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Filling Trem Spring Holes

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Last year when I built my guitars, I drilled the trem spring holes too high up, and the claw hangs out of the cavity just a bit, so I can't put a cover on it. It's no big deal, but I'm thinking about trying to fix it up.

I'd need to fill the holes, and then redrill them. There's not a whole lot of room, so it's possible that the newly drilled holes would partially overlap the old filled holes. That being said, is wood glue + toothpicks a decent way to do this, or is there a better way? Dowels? Or is it risky and I should just leave it as is?

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Dowels, definitely. As much wood and as little glue as possible. It would even be better to get a dowel that is slightly oversized, and sand it down to ensure a very snug fit.

Sounds good, thanks!

Make your own dowels from the same wood as the body, that will help too. Make up a block with the hole in the right place and drill through that into the body to stop the bit trying to wander into the glue join on the dowel.

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