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Where Find Epoxy 330 Large Bottles?

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Looking for Epoxy 330 (or 220) in the larger bottles (what size are they?) and a seller that ships those to EU, or a supplier in EU.

I want larger bottles than the small 0.5 + 0.5oz tubes.


Have only found this Epoxy 330 available for transparent fretboard inlays, being water clear.

If other Totally Water Clear Epoxy products are available in EU, I'm interested.

How much Epoxy is needed for a JEM neck with Pyramid or "Tree of life" inlay set?

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System 3 makes a 'water clear' clearcoat (I use West Systems and Z-Poxy, neither water clear, but I like the amber tint for filler and it doesn't matter for much else). Check the website for distributors.

Why epoxy, though? I personally like CA glue for inlays. Or are you filling with epoxy+filler material or something?

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