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Voltage Pickups ?


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I have never heard of them and little can be seen from their site. They are conventional designs and specs, but it is very hard to tell if their is any reason to think they are better than any other and no sound clips. The only "feature" is the scatter winding" which is pretty normal for any hand wound and a lot of machine wound pickups anyway. At least they don't overdo the mojo and make outlandish claims. The prices are in pounds so a little hard for me to compare, but they don't seem overly pricy...but it is very difficult to assess these things and there are so many people winding pickups these days, it is very hard to tell what anything is like.

best of luck...


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ya know what, i hang around other forums... such as the bare knuckle pickups forum

i am sure i have seen this exact same post already

not saying the pickups are bad but you might want to consider other advertising techniques such as paying for magazine adverts or artistic endorsement rather than carpet bombing forums

or maybe make pickups so damn good that you dont even need to advertise! - we will hear about them if you do

you can send me a sample for honest review if you want :D

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I had my suspicions...the contact was a yahoo address for instance and the site not very professional...even the name Voltage pickups is a little lame.

As there are any number of pickups out there that are great and a lot of small makers doing an excellent job, these will be on my "to be avoided" list as a result.

Happy now!

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