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Pacifica 112m Fixup Pt.2 Neck Adjustment

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A simple question has yeilded many answers from Google. The question: When checking for neck relief which frets do I press down, and which in between fret do i measure on? Also, how much neck relief is accpectable and under which string do I measure?

What I've been told:

Fret 2 and 14 frets and measure on the high e. Should be between .005" and .014".


Fret the first and last fret and measure on the high e. Should be between .005" and .014".

I tried both and got different measurements. Who's right?

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both are right. its not uncommon for some techs to put a slight drop off onto the end of the fretboard to prevent buzzing around the body join - particularly on set neck guitars where any movement in the neck join can create a hump in that area, it does also happen on bolt on necks but not as much - thats why it is sometimes advisable to fret it around the body join rather than at the end of the neck

personally i always aim for perfect relief over the whole neck so i check between 1st and last frets

and for the record - i prefer not to build a guitar with a drop off in the last frets but i will use that technique to fix a guitar that has a problem

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