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Volume Pot Problem


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So, my latest build(and first electric) has a problem with the volume pot. I installed it with the diagram and wiring kit from Stew Mac. It's a basic tele wiring job. 2 sc with 3-way switch. The diagram had me put a .001uf cap between the 1st and 2nd terms. on the volume pot.

When I did this, the volume pot didn't work at all. I took the cap out, and when the volume pot is turned down halfway(I can feel an indent or something in the pot when I get there, the sound cuts out, and I get noise. Well, with a high gain sound, I get noise, with a clean sound it's really barely audible. All the other wiring is done exactly as the diagram from stew mac shows.

If you look at the wilkinson tele on their catalog, they give you a diagram, that's what I used for the wiring. I think I have a pretty good understanding of how the circuit is supposed to work, but I'm not sure what's going on here. Bad pot maybe?

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