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Bending Blanket Controller Plans

brian d

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I got the LMI silicone bending blanket for 240 volts. I need some sort of controller. Does anyone have circuit diagram for a controller to set the temperature? Preferably one that has a thermocouple or similar to actually measure the temperature to control it.


Brian D.

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G'day Brian.

It's been a while, eh. Hope you've been well.

Can't help you with schematics but you may get some hometown help from here if you're interested.

Clicky :D

Look forward to seeing you there sometime.

cheers, Stu

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Thanks for the reply, Stu.

It's good to be back....just getting my workshop set up after all being in storage for months while we were rennovating. Can't wait to make some sawdust again.

Thanks to your help last time, I actually know how to set things up now!



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