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Choosing Wood For Archtop

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So my next project is going to be a hollowbody. It's going to be a copy of the Languedoc G2, but with some less exotic woods and way cheaper. In going with cheap costs, I've been looking for some reasonably good wood at a low price. I found a mahogony back blank and a mahogony neck blank. How do these tend to sound in hollowbodies. Also, I'm using curly maple sides and a maple top (if anyone knows where I can get a AA maple blank please let me know) so I'm hoping the lower sounding mahogany will match nicely with the maple.



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Where do you live? If you're in a populated area in the US, your best bet is probably to go local.


I live about 20 minutes southeast of Hartford, CT.. I looked at some lumber supply places, but haven't had any luck finding the wood I need... they are all raw lumber for construction

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Hey, someone else from CT!!!

Your best bet for dimensioned guitar woods is probably online. I've found a couple places that sell rough sawn lumber, but if you can't thickness it, you'll need to find someone that can. And if you're looking for anything quarter sawn, good luck. The only thing I've found locally is white oak. Use woodfinder.com, and you'll see a few places around. I just got some nice Mahogany for an LP build at Parkerville Wood Products in Manchester. They've got a great selection of woods, although I was looking for some maple to resaw for the top, and they ddn't have anything over 4/4 with any figure. Hope that helps. PM me if you want to chat about it.

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