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Beginner Guitarist. Please Help!

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Hi all,

First off as a new member I would like to say hi to everyone! I am really excited to join the community! I am in need of some help! I am learning to play the guitar and could use some advice. My friend recommended the below E-Book on how to play guitar by Stefan Schyga and it has been pretty beneficial. However, it is a little broad and I could use some backup information. Would any members happen to have any free resources on how to play the guitar and/or expand on Stefan Schyga's theories? I appreciate all you help and let me know if you need any additional information. Thanks again!!


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Welcome abalmer

Hopefully this isn't some kind of spam and would be better off in the players corner anyway...this forum is largely about building and modifying guitars...this e-book appears to be free and a good introduction as any for the classical guitar, nothing new there, but reasonably well set out for the absolute beginner in that style.

However, maybe you don't want to learn classical style music...what kind of music do you want to play? The internet is full of resources, local libraries often have stuff and there are a wealth of DVD's about...

Nothing substitutes for actual time on the instrument of course and working towards playing the way you want to play. If blues and rock is where you are headed, it can be substantially different in technique to classical and jazz styles...learning these won't really hurt (although when I was young I neglected the fourth finger on the fretting hand, classical and jazz "cured me" but I lost something by changing the technique to something more legit that I never really got back...have a look at the way a lot of greats of the past play, a player like hendrix had an unorthodox style but was crucial to get his sound) but there is no reason not to head off in the direction you wish to go from the very start...


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Hi ,

Beginners have to focus on,

When I decided to start playing a short time ago... I learned the basic chords A B C D E F G...along with alot of simple extra chords like Am Dm etc...and after I got good at playing those in any order without hesitation I started out trying to play songs that had easy chords. Most songs I played had 3 or 4 chords. After playing those for about a year I changed my mind and wanted to try and learn the lead guitar parts. I feel it is very important to learn chords before playing lead guitar riffs. It helps you to understand the different sounds on the fret board and build up speed which you will need in the future.



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