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3 Way Toggle Problem

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I have yet another problem. i have just moved a completed wireing harness from one guitar to another. (both my own, and my own wiring)

it worked perfectly fine when i had it in the first guitar. it consists of 1 vol 1 tone, 3 way toggle. i moved it to another guitar, wired it up with the same pickups, and for some reason, now it combines the neck and the bridge pickup when only the neck pickup is selected. it isnt the neck pickup, becuase if i switch the bridge and the neck, then it combines the neck and bridge where it should be only the bridge. i am using the wiring diagram that has the hot wires from the pickups directly to the switch itself. what could be causing this? there isnt any contact between that lug and the middle one, so im not sure what could be wrong. if anyone has any suggestions or advice, it would all be greatly appreciated. thanks.

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The switch may have developed a fault...maybe the contact "leaves" have been slightly bent or a re sticking...have a good look to see if they are making the appropriate contacts and the contacts are "lifting" when the switch is activated.

So...for instance...when you are selecting the bridge pickup...the contact for the neck pickup is not lifting...it may be hitting the cavity so not allowing enough movement...or it may be slightly bent...or it might be "sticking"...

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No problem...it is a frustrating one...I found this happened on a strat...it worked fine...till I took off all the strings and screwed it down...so then I had to take it off and it worked again...screw it down, not working...

of course it was just hitting something in there, even a wire can do it...and the next thing you know...nothing works as it should and you can't see why! In such cases, just taping the wires down can help.

Not all three ways are created equal either...I have had them go faulty (in fact I have an intermittent faulty one at the moment) where one selection is dead...this is the rarer form of fault where the connections just wont spring back and make contact...often this is a wire caught in it...

anywaay...glad to here it worked out and I was of some service...and others will learn too!


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