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Which Pickups For Log Sound ?


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OK guys i hope i dont post this on the wrong place! what i wanna ask basically is how to get the very best Lamb Of God sound.Spesifically Mark Mortons! Starting from the pickups..At SD site sais he uses Invander bridge and jazz at neck.. on his signature model jackson uses 2x '59's .. but i also saw that he used blackout's and EMG..so what do you suggest to get that mark morton aggresive sound?? if you guys know more than the usual on his effects , rig etc. please post..and again i hope i posted on the right place... :D

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well i guess the fact he uses many different pickups illustrates the difficulty with buying pickups to emulate an artists sound.

He probably sounds like Mark Morton whichever set he uses!!! You could buy the exact same set he uses now and still sound nothing like him.... just the way the cookie crumbles

sorry i cant be more help on what he actually does use but i will say it can be very frustrating and expensive trying to capture exact sounds

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the second someone involves digital emulation in the setup the pickup's effect is MINIMIZED.... so i'd say look up his rig rather than the pickups he uses. An example of what i'm talking about is trying 25 different guitars (no two had the same pickups) on my Behringer V-Ampire LX112 and i could swear they all sounded almost identical.

so yeah, check the kinda amp/stompbox/effects he uses. that'd be much closer to reality.

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Are you talking an album sound or a live sound? I'm not familiar with the artist in question, but I know a lot of the sounds of heavier modern bands are almost unattainable without some sort of post-processing, the EQ and compression or what not that's applied to the recorded sound. A lot of larger bands are also doing a fair amount of post-processing after micing a guitar cab before sending it out the huge PA stacks.

Now if you're talking a killer live tone you heard in a smaller venue, that's probably do-able, but if you want to sound just like the record, short of throwing a mic on the guitar cab and running it through off-board effects, the best way to due it is probably going to be to use a POD or some other modelling amp, or using amplitube and a laptop or what not, running through a PA.

The problem then becomes that unless your drummer is playing electronic drums, it can sound really out of place to have guitar that sounds like a record with drums that sound really live. So then you have to either mic the drums and run them through a PA (which, unless you're playing large venues is kind of ridiculous) or have him switch to an electronic kit...

This isn't to say you can't get a close or similar sound, but I just hear a lot of foks who want to sound just like the record, and well, it's just not always going to happen. And often times, that's not the best tone for live anyways...

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