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Looking For Spot Filling Tutorials, Etc.


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Hey all,

Looking for some rosette spot filling advise.

Did a rosette -- concentric rings of Walnut, Cherry, and Maple

These were made out of Veneer strips.

There are some very small gaps between the individual strips.

This isn't tearout problems -- apparently the router cuts slightly egg shaped holes

because of the differences in grain direction. (The egg shape is always oriented the same direction.)

These gaps aren't big enough to fit an additional veneer strip into....

(I already fixed the gap from the strip not seating into the channel.)

1 more veneer strip would physically not fit into the rosette inlay channel (I tried)

What is the best way to fill these small gaps....

Colored lacquer sticks?

Sanding dust + epoxy or CA?

Sanding dust + white glue?

Some other way?

I would appreciate your input.



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