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  1. Yeah, it has my creativity running too. These were done for a client, but I have a guitar based on War of the Worlds and I'm thinking of doing something like this for that guitar is the alien hands. But, wouldn't some type of eagle look cool?
  2. Hi Gang, I just realized it's been a while since I was here. Sorry for the absence. Anyway, these just rolled out of the shop and I thought you might like to see. I 3D shape the claws our of recon stone with mop claws.
  3. I have to agree with Doug. Use .06" material. Or else you are asking for a blow through.
  4. Not positive I understand your question, but if I take a guess there is another way to do this. Super Glue the entire piece together and then route it in as one piece. I hope this is what you meant.
  5. The wrist was necessary in order to get the spearhead on the guitar. Plus that position is possible, it just would be comfortable.
  6. The armor is actually metal (nickel), so it changes look in the pictures depending on how by mid-range camera see its and how the flash highlights it. In real life is looks like steel.
  7. Added some subtle paint effects today.
  8. That's not a leg. Yeah, I wonder how many of those the horse has? The viking were really into fertility.
  9. I'm Done Video of me working on it are on my site in the "Workshop" section.
  10. Update pics: headstock and fretboard
  11. Update: 8/15/11 Still a lot of leveling to do, but here it is at the moment. But wolfy is done. and to the poster above, yeah something like this takes about 60 hours.
  12. Update: I got around to cutting the final pieces. Next step is the hole.
  13. It's recon stone. I think the color is called Nero-Blanco or something like that.
  14. Actually those pieces are just going to be trimmed off. We talked about rolling it over the edge, but the client is painting the bevels so there would be no point in that.
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