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Ibanez Rg1570 Wiring


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Can someone figure out the problem?

no...because if you are using that switch and done exactly as the diagram says...and the middle pickup works...then it will do just like it says it will do.

Now...to help we need to see what you have done...but likely you have miss wired something...as a complete guess...perhaps you have confused the "white" (not the red) wire to the ground and wired it to a hot...it appears to be wired to the pot case in the diagram and that might create this problem...

but honestly...without knowing what you did...it is impossible to help...other than a fault or a different switch...it can only be that you have wired something wrong...check it all again, check the middle pickup function by connecting direct to the output or use a multimeter if you can't find the error...then check again if it works...

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Well...it looks very much like the original swiotch...these are standard 5 way switches. They are actually two switches that switch simultaneously 4 contacts to the left are one switsh and 4 to the right are another.

So...the right side of the switch is used to short out (connect one of each of the HB pickup coils to ground) when used in positions 2 and 4 (the inbetween settings). However...the ground wire that loops here to the switch body and the guitars ground is unusual to my experience but logical enough. When the inbetween settings are selected the coil splitting wires are connected to ground when the middle position is selected nothing to the right is connected.

Therefore...it would appear that it will work if wired in this way to with these standard switches.

Obviously there is a problem and that problem is a short (hots connected to ground) when the middle pickup is selected. Some more detail about what happens in positions 2 and 4 (the split positions) would be useful...no sound at all?

The likelihood is that the splits are wrong and so connecting the hot to ground but it is impossible to tell what you have done different to this diagram. There are no colour codes present and it would be very easy to mix up the 4 HB wires to split the wrong coils and thus short the guitar when selected in the process.

The way to kind of deal with it...or at least what I would be doing...is to disconnect the middle pickup completely from the switch (ground and hot) and see if the HB's are splitting correctly in these inbetween settings and you are getting a sound. If so...you have isolated the middle pickup or more likely the connections as the culprut of the short.

The next step would be to add the middle back in, it may be as simple as reversing the wires of the middle...or the combination of HB split wires (a more likely error given the lack of coding). There is an outside chance (not likely) that the middle pickup is broken and shorting...test the resistance (in 1,000's of ohms) with the multimeter, if it reads zero we have a problem...it should read about 5-9k ohms i suspect.

As always with trouble shooting these kinds of things...you need to isolate the problem...in this case the middle pickup and be sure everything else is working as it should...then look for shorts in the case of no sound...

hope that helps...but without knowing what you have done...again, impossible to tell what might be wrong...


ps...in the diagram...the common connections appear to be the centre two of the 8...test you switch is not set up differently or reversed...not likely but is possible with different switches...

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