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I'm not sure...but you are asking the wrong forum...try...www.diystompboxes.com...

pretty sure its got the same digital stuff as the other ones, just scaled own, not really in the realm of DIY unless you know a lot about that area

comments like this don't inspire confidence...it is a digital design so the parts may be difficult to find and definitely not for a beginner at electronics...however a quick search found several threads about it...LINK

apparently the POG is a octave box...very similar results are probably obtainable with pitch shifting effects...I think my ultra cheap AXG1 can do something like this or any number of effects that can do sampling and play back octaves with the original...I know the pitch shifter in my BR600 can do this kind of thing and so Boss processors should accommodate something like it...not really a DIY thing, digital effects are tricky because of noise problems with digital clocks and things and parts can be tricky and very sensitive. Behringer might have a harmonizer clone...

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