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Inlaying With Coloured Epoxy


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Guys, ive heard of people using (or pouring) coloured epoxy into fingerboard inlays and levelling off etc when its cured.

is this normal ?

ive always cut solid inlays but I have some inlays that are just too fine to cut and would like to use this method.

can anyone describe the process please ?

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I played around with some stuff called PearlEx the other day and was pleased with the results. Its a ulta fine powder used for scrap booking and other crafts etc.


I mixed it into epoxy, filled the cavity, then carefully leveled it off with a razor blade. The blade will pull just a bit of the mixture out leaving the fill a tad low, a good thing.

Once the epoxy starts to kick and firms up, I added a layer of clear over the top. You need to do the clear before the fill fully kicks or you will not get a good bond.

Once all cured, sand / scrape / level / polish / finish as needed. You don't want to get into into the powder layer, it goes dull and loses the pearl look.

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