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Single Humbucker Wiring


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I'm going to be wiring a guitar with a single Dimarzio X2N to a volume and a tone control. In addition, I'm going to add a coil tap for the pickup, as well as a kill switch on the other side of the dpdt, mostly for the novelty. Basically my question is, is this feasible, and does my diagram look correct? If this isn't feasible I'm not really that attached to the idea of the kill switch and have no problem getting rid of it.


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Sorry, I'm afraid that wont work. You will not be able to get humbucker mode on the switch as the 2 settings on the dpdt will be: up=singlecoil down=no signal. You can either just not bother with the kill switch or have a second dpdt switch. If you want any help just message me and if you want i will write you a schematic.

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I don't think that is right. Using a DPDT switch would be just like using a push/pull pot for coil splitting/tapping which is done all the time. He is saying add the killswitch in after the DPDT. This diagram should get you the splitting, just using Dimarzio color codes and a DPDT switch instead of the push/pull. Then just standard wiring for the killswitch between the volume output and the jack.


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