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A Question Involving Pickup Replacement…


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I am planning to replace the stock pickups on my Oscar Schmidt OE-30. Since there are no access covers on the backside, I have to do all the work from the front.

(I can't begin to imagine the life altering frustration of having to rewire this guitar through the 'f' holes.)

The stock pickups (cheap non adjustable Chinese) and the replacements (Epiphone DOTs') are both one wire type (one hot lead and a braided ground).

I’m planning to simply cut the old wires, push back the braided ground and solder the new hot leads to the ends of the existing leads.

In connecting the grounds, my question is should I try and mate up the ends of the braided and solder them together, or can I solder a jumper wire from the new to the old, leaving a small section of the hot leads not fully encased in the braided.

Will that allow for unwanted EM interference?

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Will that allow for unwanted EM interference?

In my practice, just using the plastic insulation on wires hasn't given me EM interferece. Of course, I've always shielded my cavities though. In your case, I am assuming you have a (semi)hollowbody? The entire inside does not need to be shielded. On most Squire Stratocastors there is only a small patch of shielding, and in pracitce they don't have many EM problems.

If you wanted that extra protection, you could mate up the grounds and then take some aluminum or copper tape and wrap that around lead (conductive side facing out of course). Then solder a connection between the bare grounds and the metal tape.

Please note though, that EM is not 100% unavoidable at all times, unless your in the studio or in a wired-meshed room. I used to have an Ibanez with EMGS in them that picked up FM Radio on the occassion. When switcing leads I've gotten AM Radio on my nice PRS. My friend can pick up radio on his junk-tastic fender knockoff whenever he wants by messing with the EQ on an amp...

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