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Neck Pickup Orientation


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I'm looking for advice on placing the neck pickup on my current build.

The body shape is based on the well-known ergonomic Klein design, but uses a conventional Hip Shot fixed bridge and 25.5" neck with 3+3 tuners on the headstock. The pickups I've bought are a SD JB for the bridge and SD Hot Stack for the neck.

Would you suggest angling the Hot Stack as shown in my drawing? I'm thinking that the angle will accentuate the mellowness and increase output for higher strings, and reduce the 'boominess' of the lower strings.




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Maybe...it would be extremely subtle compared to a bridge pickup where the harmonics are far closer together as they reach the end point of the string.

I think the main thing to watch is that the pole pieces align to the strings appropriately...this will have much more of an effect and look wrong as well. Note that many modern strat bridge pickups are slightly longer than neck pickups, in part to compensate for the angle which obviously shortens the distance between the poles and pole to string alignment....typical neck and middle pickups have far shorter gaps as a result and may not align at all with such an arrangement.

More appropriate and perhaps more effective (although perhaps not so visually striking of hype-able and mojo infused) is just to lower the bass side of the pickup to adjust for boominess....that's what the height adjustment screws are there for...hahahha

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