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Acoustic-electric Trouble

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It sounds like you've got a messed up piezo strip. I wish I knew what to tell you. I only know enough to be trouble. But if it's really worse now, that would make sense. Changing the strings is going to move the saddle around a good bit, and the pickup is right below the saddle. Hope out hope that someone smarter than me will come along. :D

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taking a shot in the dark, I would agree with the posts about the piezo strip. if it has one???

It might have just shifted over a bit.

I guess you could try and loosen the strings a lot and try to get the bridge lined up.

only other thing I can figure, pull the strings, pull up the saddle and see if you can get it lined up right, or see the problem.

The strip needs to be right under the saddle. It might just be in there at an angle.

did you remove every string when you changed them, or did you do it 1 at a time.

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You could give it a shot. Good luck though. I have one that did something similar. with all the string tuned up it is pretty much impossible to move the bridge. all you can really do is push down on it and see if it makes better contact.

In reality, if you want to get to the bottom of it, I would loosen the string pretty loose and see if you can get it all aligned before you actually have to resort to pulling the strings off.

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