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Anyone Built A Good Fret Press Caul?


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Has anyone ever build a fret press caul that fits Stewmac's inserts? If so, could you provide the dimensions?

They are made from 1/8 x 1/2" brass stock 2 1/2" long. Cutting the radius is the easy part. Putting the curve on the edge of the radius where the crown of the fret makes contact is the harder part. This curve keeps the fret from slipping off of the insert.

I have thought about a jig which allows you to cut the radius and then use a ball shape bur to finish off the edge. Have not persued it as I already have a set.

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I have, nothing fancy but it works great. I used a router for the first one and and the 2nd one a tablesaw since the blade was just the right kerf for both the insert and the spade bit with a couple shims which are just a couple pieces of thick paper. Here's a pic, I make a new one for each radius and the last time I made one I made the cuts on a longer piece of maple so all I have to do is glue in the insert and drill a hole for the spade bit. Here's a pic ou should be able to tell how I made it from it. It works great the actual one couldn't work much better.



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