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Truss Rod Tutorial...

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I want to start building a mass quantity of guitars and would like to fit them with my own truss rods. I've searched this site for a proper tutorial on building them but, more is needed. I'm not saying they are bad at all. But, it would be a great help for a step by step tut for building them. I came across a picture step by step, which was good, but I think the members of this forum can make a fuller one.

To specify I would be eternally thankful to anyone willing to take up this task.

p.s. a single action truss rod since, they are "better"

Thank You

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Thanks Garth.

Just to clarify: after making the steel rod, I attach one anchor. then slide the tubing on. then attach the second anchor. place it in the curved channel. what is the measurements between the two anchors? Is it 17"? And, What keeps the anchor at the "body" end from moving?

AND.....after placing the rod in, do i just attach the fretboard?

Sorry for the abundance of questions, I just want to make sure I have the facts straight.

When I start my own I will try and do the best tut I can word for word, with pics.

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After cutting a slot in the end of the rod like this:


I widen the slot and peen it with a hammer to prevent the nut from travelling.

Then I screw the other anchor piece on and tighten the two anchor pieces against each other. Because the second anchor is rectangular, and it has the fretboard glued on top of it, this prevents the anchor from moving when tension is applied.

Then I slide the rod into the sleeve.

The anchor at the headstock end is placed in the slot and the truss rod is slid through it into the adjustment cavity, so that the body end anchors can be placed in their holes. The headstock anchor doesn't have threads on it, so the rod slides right through. The adjustment nut presses against this anchor when tightened.

In this next picture I haven't cut the truss rod to length yet.


Once the truss rod is through both anchors, I mark the length and cut it.

So (in my case), the distance between the anchors depends on the scale length, length of the truss rod channel and how far into the body the truss rod extends.

With the truss rod in and cut to proper length, I glue the fillet over the truss rod, pushing the truss rod against the bottom of the curved channel.

The fillet is later sanded flush, and then the fretboard is attached.



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