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Bumblebee Caps!


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If you're trying to make a cap yourself, isn't getting the capacitance right more important than having the same dimensions as a bumblebee?

that is true and the reason why i asked is because originally i was going to make casing for another capacitor that looks like a bumblebee cap... but after some research i think i would like to make one..

to foil1more:

if you roll 2 pieces of paper and 2 pieces of foil that are both 22 inches long and layer it paper/foil/paper/foil and roll it tight as you can. you can get a capacitance of .05uf. it also depends on how thick the paper and foil are...

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Hmm, I got 220 inches for .05uF.

You might be better off just imitating one. They're about 1 inch long and 3/8" wide. A Mallory 150 would probably work, since it's axial like a bumblebee, or you could use a vitamin Q if you want the same sound and just paint it like a bumblebee.

AP Vitamin Q($13.50): 05-04700-lg.jpg

Mallory 150($2): 05-04200-lg.jpg

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