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A Question Thats Been Asked Before...

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Yes its been asked, and I have gone by what people say. I just leveled my frets, and for once, i actually had to level them enough to have to re crown them. I got the crowning file from stew mac (the one that is 12 bucks for just the interchangeable piece, I put it on a toothbrush for a handle). the frets are FLAT! and yet, the crowning file takes off of the whole fret, not just the sides like it should. The fretwire is the like the second largest fretwire availible,(6100 NS), and i am using the large file)

I just dont get it. I am following what everyone says, and it just doesnt take off only the sides. It just goes straight to the top of the fret, and messes up the whole fret. What do i do? any advice? thanks guys for at least viewing this.

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There is more than one dimension to a fret, you have to interpret what "large" you are using. Check the Stewmac website (gawd we make those people a LOT of money) and look at the various dimensions of frets you can get. Large is a very general term and can also be relative to different brands and suppliers. Measure your own fret and find out which file is most appropriate. Obviously you have the wrong one...go smaller.

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