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I was thinking about buying a dremel (or dremel copy), a jewelers saw and whatever other tools i ned for inlaying, a few 2X4s, and a crap load of abalam or something, and practice inlaying for the next few months when I'll be starting my next project, and having some cool inlay on that beast. I think it's a groovy idea, what about you guys?

also: where would i get a jeweler's saw, and what are the other tools I'll need, and where do i get them? The first few weeks I'll just practice using circles, then move to stars (both pre-cut from stewmac) then move up to a vine, and then design something super groovy (about 1/100 of LGM's skill/goodness) for the guitar. This guitar will either be a fretless tele, or fretless LP, or maybe fretted. Litchfield- Could I inlay a fret board, send it to you, you build the neck, and put on the fretboard, but leave the headstock un-cut? This is super pre-planning, but i like to plan a few months ahead.

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