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Will just any mini pot work for the rollers? Or do I need something special? Also, how would a linear taper affect a tone control?

maybe, but it depends on what resistance rating your pots have. apparently for the rollers on a jaguar, the volume pot uses 1Megaohm, while the tone pot uses 50K ohm, both linear tapered. These are not typical of most guitars, which usually use 250K or 500K pots. But if u happen to find pots with those ratings and find a suitable way to attach them then you should be okay.

This is assuming you that want to maintain the stock specifications of a jaguar. Otherwise any volume/tone pot should do, as long as you can attach them properly.

Hope that helps.

btw. if u need some specific fender parts, try going to Guitar Parts Resource website, just google for it :D

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Hmm, it looks like the only difference is the shaft.

I was looking at these http://static.zoovy.com/img/guitarelectron.../C/mini_pot.jpg

I suppose I could use the original ones if I needed to, but I'm designing a new circuit and wanted to use 500k/250k.

I guess I can't go wrong with the original rhythm controls with the original Jaguar neck pickup I'm using. 45kohms of impedance on the neck pickup just seems odd though.

Here was my idea, except instead of a jaguar pickup in the bridge it'd have a P-90:


Thanks though. I wish they gave specifications on the inside diameter of the rollers.

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