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2 Questions

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First question

How do you go about do a finish like this





and do you think it would look good on a les paul shaped guitar/Which would look better

Second Question

Making a Biohazard inlay would you make it out of one piece or more than one piece?/Which would look better

I'm thinking 6 pieces like this http://blog.usa.gov/roller/govgab/resource...s/Biohazard.png

and would a les paul shape with black hardware and the finish above and one biohazard inlay on the 12th fret look good?

so I guess its more than 2 Questions

5/9/09 Edit: how hard would it be to make the inlay it will probably cover 11th-13th fret, be MOP and made out of Six Pieces

could i use this to cut it out


then how small of a bit to do the pointed tips and how big for the bigger parts

should i get this base to do the slot for the inlay?


for someone like me who sucks at drawing and art can i just draw an outline on the fret board then just kinda trace it out with the dremel tool?

i know there are tutorials and stuff but i like it much better when you can talk and get feedback from people

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First two guitars are either dyed reddish or sprayed with transparent reddish color coats over a figured maple top, in this case quilted maple. Then a black burst edge, which is either wiped on or sprayed on dye for some people, or the large companies use black paint and spray it on. There are people on here better than me to explain how to do a burst. Just use the search function for burst. The third is just a quilted maple colored red with either of the two methods. I prefer to sprayed tinted clear for my color coats, but will use dye when I feel it's needed.

I think the burst color would look good on a Les Paul. As for the inlay I think you have to make it out of multiple pieces to get the proper effect. What type of fret board are you thinking of using. The single biohazard inlay look is prefential thing. I don't go for them, but then some people do. That is your call. With the body being that dark of color you either need a very dark rosewood or ebony or at least dyed rosewood for black hardware to work. Black works well with the red bodies, but if the fretboard is too light, it throws the look off. Light fret boards with black hardware have to be done on light colored guitars.

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thanks for all the help and i was planning on dying rosewood to look like ebony

and I want a single inlay is part because I don't want to do a bunch of inlays and part for aesthetic(spl?) reasons

also i was planning on doing a bigger inlay on the back any input guys?

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