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i have a s/s/h guitar and i was gonna put these other single coils in but when after i unscrewed the singles. the wires fell out of both. i removed the cover and unwrapped the coil of the magnetic shielding tape and the film tape thing and layed the 2 wires back on and taped it. it kept faling out but i managed to keep the wires on. i screwed them back in but the singles dont work. maybe i soldered them wrong on the 5-way switch? can someone help....

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Err, I'm not 100% sure about your description, but the insulated wires that are used for connecting the pickup to the switch are supposed to be soldered to the pickup wire. There should be two holes with a ferrule or something like that where you put each end of the pup wire and solder it together with the connection wires.

so long


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