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Some recent inlay- signature truss cover


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Just finished this for a customers les paul re-issue.

I guess it's either his wife's or girlfriend's name.. I never ask :D


Materials are gold pearl, ebony, red brass (dix gold)

The methods for this are get the signature, blow it up a bit, then BOLD it. It should then be thick enough to try to cut.

I tend to use metals for these because shell is too fragile at script font (real signature script anyway) I fill the holes with real ebony cut outs, not filler, as it looks much worse. Cut using a thinner blade, 06 even, maybe thinner. Metals cut easy, but these are real easy to break. I then glue the actual cutting pattern to the area, NOT the inlay (these are too thin to scibe) , and thow on a 1/32 downcut bit. I rout by using a "sewing machine" type method. Don't run the router straight through the pattern, it will ruin it. Take the router and bob it up and down and make lots of little holes as you go, then run the bit through after you weaken the wood rout enough. The 1/32 bits are so small they break easy. Take the pattern off, clean up with acetone, rout any areas not letting the inlay get in, and then inlay like normal.


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I use the stew-mac adjustable router base, set it to depth, hold it with two hands while the piece is double stick taped to the bench, and go up and down. The depth setting remains constant, but you don't break bits, and the route comes out so clean that even the smallest areas can most times remain intact (insides of O's, etc.. )


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