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My First Building Project

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Well, its going to be my first building project. I sort of plan to build EVO shaped 5 stringbass for jazz and metal, however, I do have some questions to which i cannot find answers in all-mighty-google. Hopefully you guys can help me out :D

First of all, i would like to ask if wood combination is alright:

Body - alder

Neck - maple

Fretboard - bloodwood

(not sure if it is important, but well - im talking about maple and alder which grows in north-east side of europe).

Also, do i have to look for some specifics in wood? all i know is that i must not have branch marks & must be well dried...

Secondly, anyone got link to tutorial, or could explain in detail how rods are being put into neck?

Thank you for answers in advance :D

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Whats the EVO shape like? never heard of a EVO-named bass... (Steve Vais main Jem guitar is named evo though...)

Maybe he means EBO

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