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Is There A Way?


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maybe.... but probably not, you haven't provided anywhere near enough info......

which amps? how many functions does your pedal have? how many functions does your 'different amp' have? does your pedal have power? ie does it light up without batteries? have you looked for the 2 different footswitch schematics?

Post internal pics of the pedal in question.

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Well I cant get internal pics but i can answer your questions, the amp that the foot switch is for is the line 6 spider 3 75 watt. The pedal doesnt need an external power supply, it gets its power from the amp. It also has a wah/volume pedal attached to it(the pedals name is the fbv shortboard) I was trying to see if i could get it to plug into any of the marshall amps.

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Well there are alot of marshall amps......

Your pedal is digital, someone with a fair amount of digital switching knowledge may be able to adapt it for another digital switched marshall amp (if there are any) or if the switches are the right kind, hard wire 1-3 to an addictional 1/4 output and switch an analog switched amp.

seeing as you cant even get internal pics I'd say dont try it :D

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