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fixing a scratch!

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Hi Brian and all,

Quick question!

Last week my daughter came over and played my guitar and recorded some stuff, and while she was playing she turned in the chair and hit the keyboard tray and scratched the front of my Ovation Elite 1868 , I know love thy children! but i was a little pissed to say the least! Do any of you guys know a way to repair something like this or should i just consider it a battle scar ! The guitar is black so it dont show real bad .

Any ideas?



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Usually for something such as a light scratch I take a piece of 2000 wet/dry sand paper using it wet of course and lightly feather buff the scratched area. Then you will end up with a dull streak which needs to be buffed out using swirl remover buffing compound.

If it is deeper than a very light scratch start with 1200 grit then work your way down to the 2000.

NAPA sells the 1200 grit Part# RF-720 and 2000 grit Part# RF-700 for .69 cents a sheet and it has the best backing I have ever found.

There really isn't a need to sand to much here just go lightly using a glass of water with a drop or two of liquid dishwashing detergent mixed in for your wetting agent on the paper.

Towel dry as you move along with a gentle clean cloth. Buff out with swirl remover if you can find it since most of the commercial polishing compounds in fine grit are mainly used for stage three of buffing if you started with 6-800 wet/dry to begin with.

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