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String Clearance?

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Hi, I'm working on my first custom, but I've hit a snag in my design process, as in I don't know the distances I should put between my tuning machines. I plan on doing 3x3 and have a 7.5" X 4"-3.5" headstock.... I know it matters where you put it relative to the nut (I don't know about string gauges, but the 6th string's rut is just under a 16th of an inch, or about 1.5 mm according to my caliper)

I was hoping the site had something on this, but I didn't see it (or else I'm just blind)



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I don't fully understand your questions.

The primary concern with spacing the tuning machines, is that you can turn each one easily without without accidentally bumping one next to it.

Also, depending on your hardware-/playing style- trem on fixed bridge- serious string bending or no- locking nut or locking tuners or no- ability to file a nut PROPERLY- etc, etc... anything from a straight string path to the tuner to a significant angle can work. Placement needs to be checked to make sure strings dont bind on another tuner however.

A near 1/16" slot is for the low E string, but you need a *precise* measurement to know for what gauge string the slot was cut for- Though generally preslotted nuts will take 9's and 10's.

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Draw everything out full scale. We cannot tell you how far to space the tuners because we don't know what type they are or the shape of the headstock. Most tuners have the screw tabs on them and in different locations. Tuners too close to each other and the tab gets in the way. Spacing that might work for Gotoh's might not work for Sperzel. And then there is the asthetics of how they look on the headstock. Only you can answer these questions.

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