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Routing A Telecaster

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Hey everyone,

I bought a squier telecaster which was routed for the traditional telecaster single coil in the neck position and bridge position. I want to put humbuckers in both positions (more specifically, Seymour Duncan '59 pickups) but I'm having difficulty finding specific information as to how to do so. I was wondering if anyone could help me figure out dimensions in reference to where i should place the pickup cavities and how wide/deep they should be. Oh, and I should mention that i do have a new bridge and pickguard to accommodate the humbucker.

Any help is appreciated,


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You may want to ask over at the TDPRI, they're more Tele-specific for stuff like this.

Having said that, I'm curious what bridge you have bought, as any bridge that is designed for a HB, even a Tele bridge like the Gotoh-Tele-HB, will most likely have a different string-thru spread and may not line up with your existing holes.

If it doesn't (and I'm suspecting it won't), it'll only be off by a little bit, but it's something you need to consider and adapt for.

Changing any guitar from a SC to a HB almost always entails a few body-to-hardware details that need to be thought thru, as SC's and HB's have different string spreads, use different bridges, etc..

Your bridge pkp cavity will obviously be guided by your bridge if it's a Tele style bridge.

Let's back up and start from the beginning...exactly what kind of bridge did you buy, and can you post a pic of the guitar and your new bridge, that will remove a lot of the mystery and add some clarity to the answers you'll get. :D

PS, welcome to the forum. :D

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hey thanks for the quick help. The picture will have to wait at least a weak, but I found a copy of the bridge. http://www.dragonfireguitars.com/product_i...products_id=327

It seems to be a little bit wider than the standard tele bridge. hopefully this will clear up some mystery. I will need to modify the pickguard and drill new holes to install this bridge, and any more instructions on doing this would be great.

List of questions:

How close to the neck should the saddles be?

How deep should the cavity for the humbucker be so that the legs of the pickup hold it at the proper height?

As you can probably tell, this is my first real modification of a guitar.

I should have pictures of it sometime next week.

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