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Router - what to look for


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I bought a spin saw kit (Mastercraft) at Canadian Tire a while ago. It came with attachments for cutting circles, plunge routing, freehand routing and dremel cable extension included. 2 speeds at 20,000 and 30,000 rpm.

I assume most routers will suit your needs. Its actually the bits that will break your bank account, if you buy cheap you will get cheap. A kit of 8 good bits could cost as much as the router. If you plan on buying a used router make sure the bearings are good, ie. no wobblies in the shaft. Check all your height and angle adjustment screws if equipped with a plunge base. I found that the higher rpm the better for making clean safe cuts. I've learned my lesson there, going too fast at low speed will tear the wood, :D .

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how many volts for a router is sufficient enough for guitar building?

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