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Simple Scarf Joint Clamping

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Chris: you tape up your tops and backs, that works (and I'll be using that method in future), but you really do need to try the setch method for scarfs. Seriously, 3 bits of tape, 2 clamps, bit of glue, and you're done in seconds, and it's dead on accurate in my experience. I used to do it your way, won't go back to it.

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Setch, go watch my video in the Scarf Joints 101 pinned thread that this thread gave birth to. The neck is clamped to my table for max 5 minutes. MAX. Also, I worked from squared up pieces... so no problem there. And I do VERY few laminate necks. I think they look hideous on a singlecut with the rear neck access carves I like doing... so I only will ever use them on singlecuts, which I make significantly less of.


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