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Reusable Non Finish Damaging Pick Holder?


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I just looked up the Ibanez Pick Holder strip and I'm trying to figure out a cheaper alternative because the only place that has it for sale wants around 20 bucks for it.

It says it's reusable, adheres to the guitar and the pick, yet leaves no residue and if it begins to not adhere as well, just wash it under water.

Something tells me it might have to do with static but I'm not sure.

Anyone know?


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Back in the day when I played 2-3 times a week I always used a strip of duct tape on the mic stands , rolled inside out so it stuck to the stand , and he outer side stuck to the pics. We'd have each mic stand w/ 5 or 6 picks on it. I'd do the same to my Headstock , roll up a small strip of duct tape , stick it to the HS and stick the pics to that. The residue always wiped right off after the gig and duct tape is plentiful when you're gigging on the regular. Also - try practicing WITHOUT your pic. Was more than one occasion that I dropped a pic in the heat of battle and was too far away from the mic stand to grab one and too busy playing to reach up to the HS for one. I discovered that the middle-finger-side of your index finger makes a good pick. Keep pinching your hand like you're holding a pick and use the edge of your finger. If I can pull off Slayer's Chemical Warfare sans pic - anybody can. Ask Mark Knopffler from the Dire Straights. He never uses a pic.

Best of luck !

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