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  1. Edited your response to show just how assinine it is. Fear, marketing schemes or newbiness has nothing to do with creating new neck joins, or in DISPROVING the "need" for a rod. Three years later, the necks that I made are still holding up fine. Bobs original thoughts here were a different rod channel- not a rodless neck. I just posted to show that trussless necks are not the warping, twisting, uncontrolable things people *think* they are. After three years, I have tangible evidence. You all have an OPINION. A 5 string bass and a 6 string guitar -both trussless, both still in action .Sometimes, we create things just to create them, not necessarily to solve a 'problem'. What a concept.............. You want to stick to tradition? feel free. Don't lambaste everyone who steps out of your comfort zone though. Makes you look cheap.
  2. http://projectguitar.ibforums.com/topic/44835-trussless-bass-neck/ http://projectguitar.ibforums.com/topic/46670-5-string-bass-swamp-ash-and-ebony/ http://projectguitar.ibforums.com/topic/44857-if-you-beat-a-corvus-with-an-ugly-stick/ Bob, the trussless idea has merit, as I've done it before with success. The 5 string bass neck I made is still in use. As for the glue-line on top of the truss-rod, a bookmatched fretboard has the same issue, and it's really a non-issue. Do what you like, don't concern yourself with doubters and if you fall on your face, get back up. The evolution of the instrument has always been done by people thinking outside the box. Keep at it, you never know what you'll come up with.
  3. Just gave your Reverb Nation page a spin. Familiar sound, but you guys rock. Nice stuff.
  4. Nice bass ! It's missing the big string, tho.
  5. Way to make me look like a hack !! Your no-template technique far exceeds the level of mine. Gorgeous work, sir.
  6. Well, for now I have gone with a Promethean 3110 bass combo.300 watts to a single 10" in a 37Lb package and it has an extension speaker jack that'll move my big Kustom cab. Lovin' this thing right now. Erikbojerik -thanks for the tip- I will look into the fearless cabs. My rig is forever evolving since I'm only three months into bass playing. It'll settle in one day, but for now, I'm still hunting.. If you build with cloth and resin, consider this epoxy http://poolandspaind...Concrete/343712 Sorry the link is not a direct one, I only know about them through using the stuff to build swimming pools on occasion. It's soy-based epoxy and is 100% safe / no fumes / no chemicals .
  7. Online? Get some practice on re-purposed wood, pallets, headboards, coffee tables n such. Find em free, work on your skills and THEN buy some real wood and have at it. Shame to waste good lumber on practice, and if you're *that good, you can build nice stuff out of the "waste" wood. Have fun.
  8. It's a great bass- I love it. I'll upgrade the pickups one day, but for now, they work fine.
  9. don't fear the truss-less neck. I did a 5-string bass neck out of ebony a couple of years back- and It's my main bass to this day. The strings pulled some relief into the neck, but not too much. I don't think the nylon strings will have all the tension of the steel wrapped bass strings, so you're going to be fine ( speaking from my experience ). Can't wait to see the end result.
  10. Looks good. I see moar necks in the background. ......
  11. I like the lotus flowers. They have a nice contrast to the FB too. Good stuff so far.
  12. Looks cool! How much lighter is the wood neck Vs. the aluminum neck??
  13. Looks like colorful plywood......... pretty. How'd you get 17mm off if you "worked out its exact position" ? That's no small boo-boo.
  14. Psssh- everything is help. My experience is purely from a guitar standpoint, and with my pre-amp, I can run through the PA no problem. I'm open to any suggestions, then I'll glean what I can from them and take it from there. I didn't know if anyone here had a fave or a go-to amp for bars n clubs. I've heard good and bad about Orange amps, and honestly am probably headed for a Carvin combo. I like 2x10 setups, Fender has a nice one, but I like to move air! lol. The guys call me Thunder now. The 2x15 /2x10 has great big bottom, so if I end up with a combo, it'll probably be a 15/10 size if possible. 18 /10 would be better in my mind, but now we're getting heavy again, and I already own heavy. I appreciate the links and tips from you both. I'm off to Atlantic City for 4 days- annual pool and spa convention. I'll post up the final results once i settle on something. Thanks again.
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