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Ovation neck

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k, got this ovation CC057, and i love the way it feels radius-wise, but no matter where i look, i can't get the specs for it, and my unskilled hand can't just plain tell what it is.

here's the problem - i would like to copy the feel of this for the one i'm building now, so i would like to know what it is. if anyone happens to know this, please, let me know.

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You could ask on an Ovation forum like the Ovation Fan Club. For the fingerboard radius, you could get one of the radius gauges from stewmac. You can use a simple contour gauge for the back of the neck. There's also a related thread here that might be useful to get a neck profile.

I like ovations too. I even like their electrics B). I've always liked the Breadwinner's shape... very 70's :D. I'll eventually either get one or build a replica.

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