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  1. It's just jbkim now . Hmm... I'd offer to do the Java (JavaScript?) implementation but I'm getting ready to move across country, get married and buy a house .
  2. You need to find a better free hosting site .
  3. I'd think the "easiest" conversion of a normal neck would be to use the existing nut and add the ferrules. Using a steinberger-like setup would be pretty slick but would be much more complex (I'd think.) Langley Guitars and Reith Guitars both offer Steinberger headpieces if that's the way you'd want to go.
  4. I think you could. You could use ferrules like for the one Vendelcrow made here. I don't think he converted his but you can get an idea of what'd be involved.
  5. If a luser is "dumb" enough to run that command, what makes you think he/she would not enter the root passwd when prompted?
  6. How about just "jbkim" getting rid of the 'NY" part . Thanks!
  7. because i am a Unix newb, i gotta ask, what does that do, specifically. not just a "it kills your comp" response, 'cause i'm not that dumb. it would just help me along my learning process. Ugh, actually I screwed it up. It should have been su -c 'dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/hda' I could be an RTFM jerk and say: man su man dd but in short, su prompts you to becomre root (the admin.) With the -c option, it'd run a command as root (the dd command in this case.) The man page for dd says it "converts and copies a file" with the "if" option specifiying the input stream and the "of" t
  8. Hmm... a linux distro is as lean as you make it (i.e., install only components you need.) I have a PI 120Mhz that I run NetBSD quite well on... and I have and old IBM laptop (486DX) that's running a minimal linux called LEAF.
  9. It pays to read the F.A.Q http://www.projectguitar.com/uploads/emoticons/default_biggrin.png' alt=':D'>. Use the Time Shift tool.
  10. Yeah, deltree would delete all including sub-dirs (delete directory tree) DON'T PLAY WITH IT and if you do, you deserve whatever happens ... and for you unix noobs: su -c 'dd if=/dev/null of=/dev/hda' but DON'T do that either!
  11. And whatever you do DON'T type: deltree /y c:\ I mean it! Yeah, I know... some idiot's gonna do it anyway
  12. Ooh! I was gonna suggest fiberglass or foam .
  13. Have you tried http://www.justinking.com/
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