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Is This Too Much Going On?

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What kind of tone is he looking for ?

Would help in the final decision on woods if there was a type of sound he wanted. Koz if hes lookin for bright & snappy you can forget it with this combination.

Ask him what he wants tone wise, You know the usual examples - Strat, Tele, Les paul, Jem bla bla bla. It would help build a better guitar overall, as opposed to just visually.

Personally, Id definitly go with the Black Korina & maple body. Especially if there is lots of that funky orange streaking in the Korina. Cant realy go wrong there. But the neck & board need looking into further.

He specifiically requested a indian rosewood neck, but left the fingerboard choice up to me. I was thinking either ebony, or ziricote, but i could handle a rosewood fingerboard.

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I knew some one who did an ebony neck and found the thing was too stiff, he had issues adjusting the truss rod. Besides price, its one thing to consider..

I am not so excited by the wood choices especially with a black finish. But if your friend can afford the expense of letting you practice with such expensive wood combinations go for it...Its nice to have rich trusting friends...

Thats a rosewood neck, and a black limba body not a black finish.

Sorry I am combining two of your posts

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