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Diy Midi Pickup


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Does anyone know any good resources for constructing your own MIDI pickup?

I'm thinking a hex driver would be best so you get all 6 notes separate.

Any thoughts or success stories?

There are enormous barriers for the DIY enthusiast.

To convert a guitar signal to MIDI requires real-time detection of pitch, note on/note off, velocity

and real-time translation of these parameters to a coherent stream of MIDI data.

The only hobbyist approach I've seen is the

EPE Guitar to MIDI System

which is strictly monophonic, doesn't detect pitchbends,

uses the guitar's own pickup and firmware in a PIC microntroller.

You can see it in action

If you add to that the need for:

a custom-made hex pickup, 6 separate pitch detectors,

a microprocessor to assemble a continuous polyphonic MIDI stream...

It's a tall order!

For less than £200, you can buy a 1980s midi guitar synth that outperforms anything you could construct by yourself.

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