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Neck Pocket W Angle

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Ive determined my neck needs a 3 degree angle. Im building a PRS SC245 styled guitar. Using prs stop tail.

Now i understand how to determine neck angles, which is how I came to this conclusion, but what I sont understand is how you actually setp your overhead routing jig to rout that angle. Lets say I use a setup like mykas neck pocket jig... how high do you set the blocks under each end of thebase where the router rides, for a 3 degree neck angle

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I'm afraid you'll need to do some maths. As you are using Mykes jig measure the horizontal distance from the front block and the back blocks the router board rides on. With this and knowing the angle you want, use trigonometry to work out the height of the opposite side.

The tangent of the angle (A) multiplied by the length of the adjacent (adj) side equals the length of the opposite (opp) side.


The height of the opposite side will be the difference that you need between the front and back of the router board.

Or you can be lazy and use any number of websites to work it out for you :Dlazy way to work it out set it up to work out the Opposite and Hypotenuse and just plug you numbers in

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