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1st time build - Walnut/Cherry Tele

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After the replies I had a little while back about using 3/4" Walnut for a body, I decided to go ahead & try to build my 1st body. I couldn't find any reasonably priced 1" think wood to go under the walnut (as some folks had suggested), but I found a nice piece of 3/4" cherry (very reasonably priced) - and picked up a 1/4" thick piece of poplar.

The body is a 3 layer sandwich: Walnut (top) / poplar (contrast) / cherry (bottom).

I managed to cut out the PU "routs" and the control cavity - as well as creating the wiring channel (one advantage of working with these layers is that you can cut through the top one before laminating - and route wiring channels on the underside.

The body glued up fine & the initial shaping cut on the bandsaw worked well.

Now that I've gotten this far successfully, its time to spend some money & buy parts (up to this point, only $15 invested).

Here's some progress photos:

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