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Mim Fender Strat Trem Options.

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I have a MIM Fender Strat. Problem is, it has no tuning machines or tremolo system. I've tracked down some tuners that fit but I have a couple of questions about the trem.

Is it possible to put a left-handed trem on this right-handed guitar, have it function properly, and look decent? I'm prepared to rout the body, just wondering how big of a gap there will be on the treble side of the guitar (that's not covered by the bridge), if it's even possible to install a left-hand trem.

If I can't put that trem on it, will a Gotoh Strat Tremolo (from StewMac) drop in or will I have to do a little bit of routing? Any help is much appreciated. Thank you.

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ask Stevie


there will ahve to be some clearancing for the strat the btw the whole spacing and string spacing are narrower on a mim than a usa strat. check ebay you can pick up trems cheap off there and drop them right in. gfs has new spring blocks to bulk it up and graphtech makes sadles for the mim strats.

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Thank you very much for the site link. That's just what I'm looking to do, except I'd like to have one of the nicer Gotoh trems in my guitar.

The spacing at the bridge on the MIM is 2.190", whereas the Gotoh is 2.210", that's .010" split evenly across the bridge width. Is that really going to make a huge difference in the play-ability of the guitar? I know that same measurement would be significant if we were talking about relief in the neck or action height, but across the bridge width?

Again, thanks for the help. :D

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