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Neck finishing


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Hi all,

I'm going to be building my first guitar, but I haven't found much information on finishing necks. Specifically, I want to do a gun-oil tint on a birdseye maple neck like those offered on G&L guitars. Here are a couple of examples:



Any suggestions on how I can achieve a neck finish like this? Any information on materials, techniques, etc. would be appreciated.



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Thanks, Brian, both for the info and the welcome. I've been wondering if an amber dye might do the trick, but I worry that something sprayed-on might not bring out the figuring in the maple like a hand-rubbed oil/lacquer/tint/whatever, as the G&L necks supposedly are. Maybe I'll shoot an email over to the people at ReRanch...

If anyone else has suggestions, please pass them along. I'm not above doing something exotic if it'll produce results...


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