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back of neck finish


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hello, i'm new here and i've been checking out some of the awesome work by the members here. i'm building 2 guitars (from warmoth parts) soon and need some advice.

i'm going to try to do a nitro finish on both guitar bodies, but i'm not sure about the back of the necks. i've done tung oil before and like the way it feels, but i've read that it is not very good for the neck. i've also read that nitro on a neck starts to feel stick after a while.

so my question is, what kind of finish could i do on the back of the neck that will feel smooth and satin like and yet be stable for the neck?


p.s. i don't have a sprayer :D

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I've been using high gloss nitro then wetsanding it to a dull smooth finish with great success. It stays slick and doesn't "gum" up when you start to sweat like gloss tends to. This way I don't have to spray gloss on the body and headstock and the tape it off and switch to satin for the back of the neck.

Since I play regularly I haven't had any problems - even with Wisconsin's hot and humid summer weather. Another thing to consider is the material you use for the neck. Since I use rock maple this works well. Some exotics (like my Grind) don't require any finish other than a light oiling about once a month.

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