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1. Project - Parlor Rebuild

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Sorry guys, long time no see.

My nerves are gone and i like to recommend to everyone who is reading this:

Don't try milling your own lumber! I have no nerves left at this point and will need some time to recover.

Just let's not mention that ebony ever again, since i've also sort of wasted a lot of my money which i would have really needed.

Well i have the rough cut pieces and in some days from now i will start making the fretboard and bridge.

I made a little cardboard temp, and if someone got any recommendations on the design, please tell me now.


BTW: Does anyone have a good product to stain ebony with? Black! That stewmac stuff looks nice,

but i just can not afford the shipping if anyone knows a different product that works good,

or a european distributor for that stuff, feel free to let me know.

Or are there any points against using something like that? The wood looks pretty even,

but i expected it to be darker!

I have a headache THIS big. ~.~

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That looks really great :D

Like Wez said, use leather dye is good for wood.

You can also use India ink, just be careful if you finish over it (blot it for the first coat or you'll rub it off). Some India inks contain shellac, so they actually finish the wood by just putting them on.

You can make your own by adding lampblack to shellac (alcohol works for lampblack as well as shellack flakes). It makes a great pitch black finish.

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