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Grounding The Bridge Wire


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I've always had trouble with this. I can never get the bridge hot enough so that the ground wire/ solder will stick to it. I'm mainly talking about Tune o Matics and hardtail bridges (trems are easy since they have the claw). If I heat the bridge up so that the solder will stick, the finish flakes off.

It's something that no one really ever talks about and I'm thinking I'm missing something since it seems like such an easy task.\\

So basically, how do you solder the bridge ground to the bridge?

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So the ground wire is not actually soldered? Its just squished between the bridge or bridge posts and the body?

yeah on a telecaster guitar its just bare wire thats been squashed in between the bridge and body.

on a strat it goes to the claw, on a hardtail its the same as a tele, on a les paul its to the bridge posts i think.

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