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Fender Newporter from 1960's

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I rebuilt the top on this guitar a few years ago and it plays OK. 1960's Fender Newporter, made in Santa Ana , Calif. I realized something odd just last night. Strings are higher one either side of the neck than in the middle, more noticeable in the upper neck area. I came to the conclusion that its because I put a flat profile bridge in the saddle which doesn't conform to the fretboard radius. duh

I was wondering if anyone knew, off the top of your head, what the fretboard radius on Newporters would be? It looks fairly small. If not, then does anyone have a handy way of calculating it so I could either buy a bridge of that radius or carve the current one to make this guitar even more playable? Its basically a 3/4 size dreadnought with a strat style bolt on neck, scale length is 25.5".

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No No No No No No :D:DB)


The Newporter has a 7.25" radius; the necks used on those 60s era Fender acoustics are actually electric necks, just with a different heel (and decal).

Find a neck from a Shenandoah (12-string version of the full-sized Malibu) and you can make yourself a nice 12-string Strat easy.

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