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You use the exact same type of metallic powder that gold tops are shot with, except it's a silver powder, I used to have some long ago...couldn't stand it, everything I shot with it came out looking like something made for KISS or NASA. :D

Especially anything BC Rich inspired. ...5,4,3,2,1, NASA, we have liftoff!

With black trim it was KISS, with blue trim it was NASA.

Very dangerous stuff to the lungs to use, full-on mask, use a throwaway airbrush jar to shoot it, then throw away the jar afterwards, you'll -never- get all the metallic flecks back out of it, and it'll screw up everything you try to shoot with it afterwards.

Look up Cres-Lite products, I think they make it.

My usage was like 15 years ago, don't know who might manufacture it now.

You're supposed to double-jar that stuff.

DON'T keep it near any of your other finishing goods.

ONE accidental blip or bop and everything you own will be forever tainted with tiny silver specks that you'll never get rid of.

Double-jar it, keep it separate from your other goods, use a mask definitely, latex gloves, and use a throwaway airbrush jar.

Any other questions? :D

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